Gypsum Cornice

Paper Faced Gypsum Cornice is made from a core of gypsum with paper covered outside, which enables clean-cut designs and is lightweight. It protects the plaster core and allows for easy painting. At the same time the paper facing increases the durability of the cornice profile during transportion, handling and installation.


1. Economical light weight construction

2. Easy To Install

3. Available In A Range Of Lengths And Profiles To Suit Every Requirement In Regards To Application And Style.



Cornice is designed to decorate and conceal the junction of walls and ceiling. It is lightweight for fast and easy installation. Cornice is available in a variety of profiles and lengths to suit application and style.


Cornice is used to complete the decoration of the building. It is fixed to walls and ceilings using cornice cements, which are setting cement adhesives available in powder form.

Cornice cements are selected depending on the length and stability of the setting time, as well as their features for practical application, such as the ability to work back the cornice cement, polish mitres and the strength of the bond.


Width: 75mm, 80mm, 90mm 95mm

Length: 2400mm, 2500mm, 2700mm, 3000mm, 3600mm, 4200mm

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