Perforated Gypsum Ceiling Tile

Perforated Gypsum Ceiling Tile

Product & Technical Data

Material: High Quality PVC, Gypsum Board, Fleece
Size(mm): 595×595, 603×603, 595×1195, 603×1213

Edge: Square

Thickness: 8.0mm, 9.0mm, 9.5mm, 12.0mm

Packing: 8pcs in a carton with shrinking PE film outside or loose packing
Standards Gypsum Board are manufactured according to EN-520, ASTM C1396, E84 and E96

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Perforated Gypsum Ceiling Tile is also known as Acoustic Ceiling Tile, has many different hole patterns, which has the best acoustic property among ceiling products, with PVC or PAINT surface and acoustic fleece glued on the rear.